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We all have great thoughts. I wouldn’t even doubt the fools among us. However, there’s something special about...

“If you can think and speak and write, you are absolutely deadly.” - Jordan Peterson

Yet few have an understanding of critical thought. And, even if you have such capacity, it’s easily forgotten when your expression of these thoughts goes against the identity you’ve created.

That unwillingness I’ve had, I don’t want it anymore. Being honest–vulnerable–with others is desirable, so why settle for nice and agreeable?

Deadly Literate

We all have great thoughts. I wouldn’t even doubt the fools among us. However, there’s something special about the people who can formulate them.

And, these people, don’t argue against them because they have their thoughts organized; you don’t. Even if you’re right as can be, they’ll destroy you.

These articulate people have “needed” to write before, but instead of appeasing the reader, they take that task to compile, organize and express their thoughts. And these aren’t nice words because who wants to read something that anybody would agree with?

I may find such “assignments” demeaning, but what’s the real problem? They merely want you to articulate your thoughts, so do it. If you think Hemingway’s bullshit, say so. Which do you think is worse, succeeding while never learning to think or risking being offensive to hone your craft?

A Lovable feeling

Fear is the little teddy bear of life; without it a little nap wouldn’t be so delightful.

If you’re afraid to write, you’re overthinking it. “What if people don’t like it?” Thinking that way misses the point. They won’t like it, but realize you’re missing the point. You don’t write a book; you publish one. There’s a difference, so know it: write to think, edit to learn, and publish for the aid and praise of others.

You can’t be correct all the time, so write. Forget the nonsense of grammar and fucking write. The scarier, the better. Enjoy the fear; it’s the best teacher you got.

Just Write

To be great you have to be willing to fail, but, more important, you have to desire it. So, if you can’t write, do it anyway.

You don’t need a reason to write, you have a reason to write, and that’s to fucking think. Do you have feelings, a job, a hobby, or a fucking life? If so, write about it. Whatever comes to your mind, do it often. Write those “200 crappy words” a day, and maybe you’ll find yourself writing a thousand.

That’s it. Write to think for yourself, and remember to publish your work with a bit of fear.


As you may have guessed, I took a great deal of inspiration from Jordan Peterson and Mark Manson; they have my great appreciation and admiration.

Thanks to my new friend Derek for giving me the little bits of fear I needed. I may hope for approval, but I want his disapproval to push me forward, so don’t go easy on me.

And, finally, I appreciate anybody who gave their time to read this little article. In truth, I’m merely trying to convince myself to write more, but I can hope for more.

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